5 years ago..

5 years ago I was 19 years old with a growing life inside me. Never did I realise how much motherhood would change me.


I was naive back then, my mum did instal it in me how things would change but you never really do realise until you there in the moment doing it.
Motherhood is so special I never ever take anything for granted, if they want an extra kiss at bedtime they get it for sure!

It has its hard times but the good total outweigh all the bad . (I will never forget them putting poo all up the walls!!)



I feel when they turn 5 they are kind of really growing up into their own self, soon he won’t want to hold hands, be kissed in front of his friends and wave love you as he walks into school.

I’m savouring every single moment with my boys like they say you don’t really know what true love is until you have children.

Still can’t believe my big boy is 5 on the 31st!!!


Leah x

Sorry I’m A Lazy B*tch – I’ve Got Sleep Apnea.

Todays post is a bit of a tongue in cheek after finally getting diagnosed with sleep apnea.. “Sorry I’m a lazy bitch, I’ve got sleep apnea.”

I finally have a official diagnosis of sleep apnea at last! I will go into more detail in another post of how I came to know and get diagnosed but long story cut short..

A ex boyfriend told me I stop breathing in my sleep and it can be really scary. At a doctor’s appointment I brought it up and he palmed me off with ” That’s sleep apnea, your brain will make you breath again. “

7 years of sh*t sleep later my mum pleaded me to go to the doctors after we stayed over in a hotel together. She was very scared and I promised I would go and get another opinion.
I never realised how dangerous sleep apnea actually was until researching and yes scaring myself too. After a questionnaire at the doctors I was referred to the sleep clinic in East Grinstead.

I had a oximeter for 2 nights and yesterday I got my results.

I stop breathing on average 30+ times a hour (I’m unsure of how long but she said it can be around 10secs or more) and I have it severe. The graph shocked me and baring in mind there is only 60 minutes in a hour no wonder I feel the way I do.
I have every symptom under the sun and getting my diagnosis has answered so many questions for me.

I now have to have a cpap machine for the rest of my life, there is no cure but there is treatment. I have had this all my life when I was skinny and big so weight doesn’t really come into it for me. (although I could do with losing weight)

In my life I have been told many things like I’m lazy, I know, I always agree to be honest. My house gets cleaned, I do everything needed for my children but I have ZERO motivation. It’s very hard to describe how I feel, I do feel like I’m in a constant low mood for no reason. It’s like my energy tank gets topped up but never 100%.

sleep apnea

I can not wait for the day to sleep a full block of sleep and wake up spring out of bed and feel refreshed. Some days I feel like I shut my eyes and I’ve opened them again 10 minutes later.

This is going to change my life 100%.

99% of my day I’m in a can’t be bothered mood, I’m so glad this is not me. There is a reason why I feel the way I do and I can not wait to feel ‘normal’.


I’m so anxious about the cpap machine but I know this is saving my life in a around about way so taking it on the chin!


Until next time,


Leah x

Transition Into Year One.

So yesterday I got the email, all about Tyler’s transition into year one.

I did well up a bit I’m not going to lie, like I explained before Tyler is a August baby and if he was born 24hrs later he would be starting reception this year, not year one! So when I got the email explaining its going to be a lot different and how from next week they will go in via the main playground now not theirs I felt a bit worried. Now I’m sure this is typical mum worry but i’m worried about everything!

They are even mixing up the children so that’s going to be a big change alone.

They have a big trip to chessington on Friday, I have loved every topic reception have done and I LOVE his teacher.

I’m going to be one of the mums bawling on the last day of term.

I feel like I’m going to cry and worry every year change.

I can not believe the school year is nearly over!!

Tyler on superhero day!
Tyler on superhero day!

Leah x

Where Have I Been?!

Long time no write!

A big apology on my front from neglecting the blog but more important things came up and have been taking my blogging time.

I have a big update coming all with how Tyler has settled at school and a few rants in there too!

Can’t wait to catch up with you all.. Here is a cute picture to make up for it :)


Leah x

5 Microwave Hacks You Need To Try.

Here is 5 fabulous hacks you need to try and if you don’t have a microwave or planning to get a new one I’m sure these can sway your mind into purchasing one. We have a combination microwave oven and I would highly recommend getting one. I cook allsorts in mine, from scrambled eggs and crispy bacon to a array of quick easy defrosting or even steaming of the veg.

Growing up a microwave was something you heated up your dinner in after playing outside.
Heating up pizza after a night out and even using it to cook one of them ready meals when money was tight as a young adult.
I have to admit a microwave wasn’t top of my list when I moved into my own place but I slowly realised it’s something you may not use everyday but there is always that one time – you wish that you had bought that microwave when you saw it on sale that time!

Enough of the waffling enjoy the 5 microwave hacks and let me know if you try them out. Also do you have any hacks or any other kitchen devices that can be used for other fun things? I love my slow cooker too.

1. Mug Cake.

Not a ‘hack’ as such but if you’re not much of a mary berry and fancy a cake but not all the faff this is for you. There is many recipes online and you can whip these up in no time! They are very simple, quick and very importantly yummy!

2. Disinfect a chopping board.

It is probably unthinkable of the germs and bacteria a chopping board can harbour. Instead of using nasty chemicals this is a very quick, simple and eco way to disinfect them. Simply cut a lemon in half rub all over the chopping board and microwave for 1 minute. DONE!

3. Peeling Garlic.

When I was told about this I have done it ever since. I hate how long it takes me to peel garlic and when I’m prepping dinner this comes in handy – So does number 5 ;). Heat the cloves of garlic for around 15-20 seconds, they will slip right out! Yep, that easy.

4. Microwaving for two?

Isn’t it annoying the cook eats last? Well if you heating your bowl of leftovers up and always do them one at a time, try putting a mug upside down and putting one of them on top! Saves time and you won’t be the last one standing around waiting.

5. Dreaded Onions. 

I hate hate hate chopping onions because my eyes stream and it really does sting! This is the best ‘hack’ I’ve heard with what you can do in a microwave because it really does change my life.. No more tears or trying all these silly ways to avoid the sting! Chop of the ends, microwave for around 30 seconds. WAHLAH!


I hope you have found some new ways to use your microwave, I would love to know if you have any cool ideas to use too. Panasonic have a great range and certainly worth checking out.



My Favourite TV Shows – Freeview Play

Once the children are in bed that is it, curtains are shut and Cbeebies is off!

I never end up having much me time so I love when it’s my time for the TV. I’m a sucker for a thrilling drama, trashy TV, soaps and a good ole’ reality TV. I only have Freeview as to be honest the channels on Freeview is all I need, okay I might not get geordie shore anymore but hey ho! This post is about Freeview Play but first I thought I would share some of my favourite shows, new and old.


Hollyoaks – Not everyone is into Hollyoaks and I guess it is aimed right at my age group. Some of the story lines can be very over the top but I just love it. I find it so gripping and certainly switch over to E4 to catch up on the next days episode. My friend will be round and always roll her eyes at me yabbling on about the latest storyline but when she watches it even she says it is good.. Will they just lock Lindsey up already!! Channel 4 & E4 

Eastenders – Who doesn’t love Eastenders? I always especially look forward to the special episodes for Christmas etc.. I’m loving Danny Dyer being in the show, he really suits his character and sometimes have a little giggle at what he comes out with. I love the fact there is zero adverts too.. Got to love BBC ;) I’m really looking forward to some of the storylines they have coming up. I certainly will be adding Eastenders to my Christmas day schedule. BBC1

24 Hours In … – Another one of my guilty pleasures is 24 hours in A&E and 24 hours in Police Custody. I love any hospital or police programme. 24hrs in police custody really does show some things I thought were pushing the boundaries but hey Channel 4 is king at that! They do not hold back in showing the criminals and what they are in there for and the outcome of their crimes. 24 hours in A&E never fails to make me shed a tear and I always end up squeezing my close ones tight after watching it. You never know how your day might fold out. Channel 4

Cuffs – A very recent watch on a Tuesday and I’m really getting into it. It’s only 4 episodes, maybe not for everyone but I’m sure you will recognise a actor or two! I’m really looking forward to seeing how the programme progresses and I already think I have my favourite characters. BBC1

Most Haunted – Now this really is a tad controversial but I LOVE Most Haunted. My mum used to watch it so as I grew up I got hooked too. I was so pleased when they brought out the new series and I’m loving it! New and old locations and even more pleased when they brought back the live show on Halloween!! I was glued to the TV and the live cameras!! I’m loving the skeptic Glen (bit of a soft spot for him hehe) and the EVP is amazing in these series! Really

On the same road as most haunted..

I’M A CELEB!! – Okay my favourite is certainly Yvette, I’ve loved her for years and so happy she is I’m a celeb. I can really see her being the mummy of the group. Really enjoying getting to know her outside of the night time cameras and oujia boards. The trials this year are brilliant and spend many nights in stitches already! Love this show and watch every year. ITV

Big Brother – Another guilty pleasure, I watch every year including the celebrity edition. I would love to go on the show and experience it for myself. Not sure how well I would do without a luxury budget mind you haha. Channel 5

Broadchurch – I was HOOKED from the first episode. I love shows like this, really gripping and you end up with so many questions. I really find it hard waiting a week for the next episode. There is not one time I have missed it and need to watch it on catch up. I will talk about it to everyone and ask them their thoughts! If you haven’t watched it .. Where was you!!?? ITV

Marchlands – Now this is another I was hooked on from the first episode and was gripped throughout. Again like Broadchurch I just love shows like this. It could be a 2 hour movie but instead a TV series which you get more into and more gripped as you have to wait a week left on a cliffhanger. ITV

Dr Foster – Hate to say it again but I was hooked from the first episode. I was intrigued by the advert, I was getting everyone to watch it as I just kept speaking about it. This was really up my street and I never wanted to end it. 5 episodes was just not enough! Certainly getting the DVD of this and watching it again. (maybe in one go hehe) BBC1

In the club – This was a great BBC series as usual, they never fail me! Being a mum myself it was all SO relatable and I just loved watching this. Was a few twists and turns and really good storylines within the characters. BBC1

BBC Three documentaries – I love most of the documentaries BBC Three come out with. Stacy Dooley has done some amazing ones. The latest one to get me was Professor Green on the suicide of his father. I cried throughout and it just really touched me. They do really well with breaking stigma and showing reality of situations. BBC Three

Last but not least ..

X Factor – I’m not a singer myself and very much enjoy the auditions rather than the live shows but really got into this year. Loving Lauren, really routing for her. I didn’t really like Reggie and Bollie but they have exceeded my expectations and I’m loving them now, really enjoy seeing what they will do each week. ITV

There was a good mix of new and old shows and I would love to hear some of your favourites!

You really do not need to shed out on loads of money each month to have a great selection of TV programmes. Having freeview in my house is all we need. I get to see all my favs and so does everyone else. Even pop on the music channels when doing the housework!
One down side to freeview is the no ‘on demand’ or ‘catch up’ this is one thing that may put people off but here is the new Freeview Play.. Like they say, it’s catch up but with no subscription!! A a a mazing!

No more subscriptions or upgrades it is literally FREE to have on demand/catch up ..
Don’t know about you but Freeview was great as it is.. I will certainly be getting Freeview Play!

Top 5 Places I Want To Visit |Monuments of the World Quiz from Kärcher.

In my 24 years of life I can count on one hand the places I’ve travelled to. However, my bucket list is full of amazing places, mainly inspired by travel vloggers. Now I’m hooked! Some places I never thought I would want to travel to I now find myself wanting to spend a few days exploring.

Geography never was a strong subject of mine I hated it. Now I look back and wish I listened a bit more. I would be such a sore loser in a pub quiz or TV game show.

Saying that, I have surprised myself on the Monuments of the World Quiz from Karcher. I actually did really well. I must soak in some information when watching travel vloggers and watching those game shows!

Doing the quiz cranked the gears in me to think about the places and things I want to see.

Here is 5 places I would love to travel too.

  1. America– I just love everything American. I see myself on a long holiday travelling around the different states soaking up the culture one day. I can’t pin point when it started but when I was young I loved R’nB and Hip-Hop. I would watch the dancing in videos and teach myself new routines. This sparked me to want to become a dancer and I did fulfil that dream as I was in music videos when I was 18. I love the idea of New York around Christmas time, it just seems magical for me; layered up just shopping for gifts and not forgetting a hot chocolate stop in some cool cafe. The lights, the hustle and bustle of last minute Christmas shopping and a few snow drops falling would be amazing. I hope America doesn’t fail me when I visit, I have got some great expectations!



2. Barcelona– Inspired by Fun For Louis I would love to spend a week here. I never thought about travelling Europe, nowhere has ever appealed to me. When I watched Louis’ vlogs there it seemed a really fun place to explore for a jam packed weekend or a fun paced week. It has really inspired me to be more open minded about Europe now. A bus tour would be quite a good option for me and I can certainly see myself doing this. I would love to explore the bars too; I’m not a party girl but I do love a cocktail or two! The beach is one place I will spend a lot of time, unwinding from a long afternoon or just relaxing all day.


3. Dubai– Dubai to me is just one of those places. You know people are rich and live a lavish lifestyle and in all honesty who doesn’t want that!? I would love to experience Dubai, a party on a yacht, some designer shopping and the beach would be perfect for me. I would also love to go to the Burj Khalifa. I don’t have a fear of heights but I’m pretty sure I would up there! It is just one thing I would love to tick off my bucket list.



4. Maldives– Maldives is sparked by growing up and my mum wanting to get married there. I then hit a certain age where I was more appreciative of travelling and other countries and realised how beautiful it is. A friend went with her partner and stayed in an amazing hotel with a section of glass floor. It just looked beautiful. The idea of a relaxing week or two here would just be incredible. Leaving all the technology at home, reconnecting with yourself and flushing away all the stress everyday life gives us.



5. Lapland– Inspired by my mum again, she always wished to be able to afford a Christmas away here with me and my siblings. It never happened but now I’m a mum I would love to take my boys there. I want to experience everything it has to offer. A cabin with the log fire roaring is another idea of heaven, with the snow falling outside after a fun afternoon on a husky ride. Yes, yes, yes… Oh and seeing Father Christmas!!! Lapland is one of my magical once in a lifetime holidays I would love to tick off.


Try the quiz or even get the hubby involved, you will surprise yourself. This is also great for children – you still get points if you’re close so you won’t have any losers! Let me know how you get on in the comments. It’s a fun quiz based around the monuments Karcher have cleaned around the world. It could spark convo on how some places were cleaned too!







Leah x





Bathroom Inspiration.

I always get the bug to change decor and feature pieces within our home. I never know really where to start but I’ve found myself browsing the internet for hours and I thought I would share them here with you. Just incase your stuck for ideas too. So here is some bathroom inspiration.

I never thought I would enjoy looking at toilets but I have really enjoyed it! I have found the kind of design I like and I love what this company have put together. This is SO me and I wish I could make my bathroom like this ASAP!



I mean when I say I love everything. The tiles have got to be my favourite feature of the bathroom. I love black and my bathroom now features black but I really like how they have incorporated such a dark colour into a bright bathroom. The pop of electric blue is so striking and I never would of thought to have the pops of such a bright colour in a bathroom. Im very much a square kinda gal I’ve found, I love squared items rather than round, the bath is my dream and found this type is what I’m drawn too. I have to mention the shelves, again these are so me something I would 100% go for. The shower and taps also is something I would choose. This whole bathroom is just amazing and p.s love how the toilet brush is wall hung!

The website is full to the brim and I do love more than just this bathroom here is a small selection I have saved.

PicMonkey Collage

I love Ikea, who doesn’t! They also have some amazing bathroom suites and accessories, so of course I browsed there too and here is a few saved items.

Shower Shelf. Wall Lamp. Towel Hanger/Shelf. Corner Wall Shelf Unit. Bath Towels.

PicMonkey Collage1

I really hope you enjoyed this post, what was you’re favourite item?

On the first website you can also create your own virtual showroom, so if you’re feeling extra creative you can really go to town. There is also a a very handy DIY guide! I really recommend their website, have fun browsing!


Leah x


Starting School | Mummy Fears.

In the run up to Tyler starting school I am absolutely shitting myself feeling really nervous. I have explained before that he starts A WEEK after turning 4. (See why I’m nervous?!) His birthday is on the 31st of August, only 24hrs off the cut of period. If he was born 24hrs later he would be starting next year.


At the time of signing him up I felt like a horrible mum, I rang the school we had as first choice and explained my worries. She explained that the summer babies can start in the January if we feel they are finding it hard and that there is many things that we could do and just to sign him up. This was last year, so I thought okay cool I’ve got this. I was a lot calmer and more relaxed after speaking with her.

We got first choice woo hoo.. It started to slowly dawn on me after the summer holidays that was it.

I could see a clear divide, all the other children seemed very ready for big school.
As all the parents sat in the hall for a big chat with the head of the school whilst the children had a 2 hour session I could feel the tears creeping in. I didn’t cry but I had very blurry vision!
He came running out with a big smile on his face, he was happy.. I was happy. He loved it and we came away armed with all the knowledge of what will happen when they start.

He had a couple more sessions, he was very happy to go and play for a couple of hours.

At the start of the holidays I wanted to treasure every second, this was the last 6 weeks I had him all to myself every day. I hear mums saying roll on them starting school they can’t wait to get rid of them. There is me rushing off as I could feel the tears again.


It’s not like Tyler doesn’t feel ready for school.. I don’t feel ready.
As I write this post he is still 3 years old. It just is not right.

1st week: 3 days stay until lunch – no lunch.
2 week: Stay until after lunch – have lunch.
3rd week: Start full time.

To me the above seems scary. He still has a afternoon slump of snoozyness, he doesn’t nap anymore but is very grouchy and tired. I know full well he is going to spend the whole weekend recovering a full week of school.
They say over the years they have found the children do not need a long time to adapt to school and the above works perfectly.
They say they do not divide ages anymore and they mix age the 2 classrooms (I didn’t know they didn’t mix ages before anyway).
They also say the summer babies fit in very well and do just as good as the WHOLE YEAR OLDER children.

I know the children have no idea they are all different ages and all just play together anyway so I’m not overly worried on that part.
A whole year is not a huge difference but to me there is a massive gap in child development in a year. If Tyler was to start school next year it would be totally different.

Lunch time: Tyler can be really shy, I don’t expect him to go to the dinner hatch and say what he would like for lunch. I see him huddled at the back having to have a teacher to encourage him.
Toilet: As I said Tyler can be shy, I can imagine him holding it all day and not going (He did this at nursery, 6 months later he was still doing it sometimes) If he had another year to get the whole going alone to the toilet thing I wouldn’t be worrying.

That is just two things, I could go on but we would be here all day!
I know, I know. I’m just over worrying and I’m sure there will be other shy children too but I really can not relax and stop worrying over nothing.
Until them first 3 weeks are over and he is used to everything and he’s happy I will carry on my worries.

If I made him wait until next year he would go straight to year 1 and miss reception. Which is crucial to me. They all start at the same time, they are all new, they make friends and all grow together.
He would be the new boy when everyone else has made friends and been there a year.

To me, as much as this is hurting my heart and giving me anxiety, this is the right thing to do.
It’s time to step back and cut a snip on them apron strings.

My first born is off to school! *cries all over the laptop*

How are you feeling of your child starting school? Or any good words of when your child started?


Leah x

Childs Farm Review.

I have seen Childs Farm many times and always admired it on the shelf. It certainly stands out from the crowd, the bright colours and the fun packaging really does draw you in. After loving it I had to show you and give you our Childs Farm review..

Childs Farm Review

Bubble Bath:
This has a gorgeous scent *Organic Raspberry Extract* which fills you bathroom and lingers. It is so nice I wish they did a adult version! It has NO parabens, SLS’s mineral oils or artificial colours, which is amazing for child’s skin. Considering many bubble agents are not very kind on skin they did amazing. It bubbles up like any other bubble bath, I tend to go a tad over board as who doesn’t love bubbles, but a little does go a long way.

Childs Farm Review - 2

Many brands can have hidden nasties and I love how they are very proud in their ingredients within their products.They are a British company and made in the UK too which is also great in my opinion. The bottles is simple but the packaging packs a punch on every single product.

Hair & Body Wash:
An amazing scent with this too *Organic Sweet Orange*. Love how this smells too, loved how it lasts on the skin. My children still smelt gorgeous the next day. Again No parabens, SLS’s mineral oils or artificial colours. It foams up lovely and gets my two squeeky clean.

Childs Farm Review - 1

With the amazing scent of *Strawberry & Organic Mint* this also lasts so long. My children don’t have long hair but my smallest has curly hair when it gets a bit long and needs a cut so is prone to getting tangled. This left their hair so soft, shiny and just lovely. With only using such a small amount of product this is going to last us ages. I still can’t get over that even my children have short hair it still made a difference!

Nappy Cream:
I’m lucky in that my children have never suffered with nappy rash. Saying that they may get a small sore patch from time to time. My smallest had a sore leg from where the nappy leg sits the other day and only needed one application of this to see a dramatic difference. Also with no parabens, SLS’s mineral oils or artificial colours and fragrance free you know this perfect for nappy rash. This will certainly help rather than making it worse. Along with all the other products this has a no sting formula which I think is key especially with nappy cream.

Childs Farm Review - 3

Hand & Body Lotion:
This also has a lovely scent of *Grapefruit & Organic Tea Tree* which I found really lovely for a cream. This just sits around our house and I tend to use it for many things. My two have quite sensitive skin and my smallest suffers with what they call ‘Chicken Skin’. There is no cure but I like to moisturise as much as he allows me him and I seem to be reaching for this a lot. Glides lovely, not to thick and dries quickly (also handy with children).

Childs Farm Review - 4

I love how simple the bottles are yet the packaging just stands out and like I said packs a punch. I love for example the picture on the front of the body wash is a farm scene with mud everywhere then on the back it says ‘Caked in mud! Hair & body wash for dirty rascals.’ Just love how there is a theme on each one and how much detail they have put in.
It is not the cheapest but I think for everything this brand gives it is totally worth it. You can’t put a price on your child’s skin and with the company being so transparent with what is in the products you know exactly what you are using.
It is suitable for Eczema prone skin which my two are, we have had no reactions to any of the products. With no nasties I really recommend trying at least one, trust me you will go back and get the lot!
I have seen on other blogs that they also do a travel size and gift packs! How handy?! It may not be to everyone’s price range but maybe try and get it in a sale? They really are worth the money.

They are dermatologist approved  and paediatrician approved! 

I really hoped you liked our Childs Farm review and do go and check it out, even if it is for a sniff in the store!

As you can see, no tears from my two!

Childs Farm Review - 5


Another awesome thing to add to all the awesomeness they donate 10% to RDA (Riding for the disabled association) which I did see on the bottle but didn’t really realise until looking at their really cool website!


Family Fever